Malina Salon Gamme
Malina Tang

hair stylist / owner

Malina, the creative force and heart of our salon, is a true luminary in the world of hairstyling. With an astounding 15 years of experience, she has earned her place as a leading figure in the industry. Her journey is marked by her remarkable ability to transform hair from the darkest depths to the lightest heights, and her talent in crafting exquisite bridal hair and updos.

As the salon owner, Malina is the engine that keeps our establishment running seamlessly. She ensures that every client’s experience is flawless, and her dedication to maintaining a harmonious atmosphere is unwavering. She has been a mentor and guiding light for many of our team members, nurturing their talents and encouraging their growth.

Malina is not just a masterful stylist; she’s a colorful personality that leaves an indelible mark on everyone she meets. Her endearing nature, boundless passion, and generosity know no bounds. She generously shares her time, knowledge, and support with her colleagues, making our salon feel like a true family.

Beyond her professional life, Malina is an adventurous traveler, delighting in exploring new places and savoring diverse cuisines as a dedicated foodie. In addition, she maintains her equilibrium and builds strength through her dedicated gym routine, while her cherished companion, Lexy, brings constant joy and companionship into her life.

Malina’s presence is a gift to us all, and her creative spirit, dedication, and generous nature make her an irreplaceable cornerstone of our salon family. We look forward to many more years of her extraordinary talent and the vibrant energy she brings to our team.

Malina Tang Salon Gamme